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M A R E I K E   J U N G 

In her works Mareike coins the term Physical Illusion - the physical illusion, the magical gray area, in which the familiar shifts by the touch of impossibility.  This gives rise to an aesthetic that is related to magic and yet points beyond it in its content. 

Mareike developed her own stage programs early on before fully dedicating herself to Physical Theatre. This was followed by studies in Physical Theatre in Berlin. In further education at Dock11 Berlin, as well as the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company in Israel, Mareike intensified both her dance and choreographic knowledge.

In 2017 Mareike founded the multiple award-winning inback theater company. As an independent freelance artist Mareike tours internationally (Europe, Asia, USA) with her own pieces.

Since the 2020 collaboration with Theater o.N., Mareike's desire to explore political issues in theater and make a mark has been growing.

A W A R D S 

  • 2nd Audience Award Niederstätter Surprize at Carambolage Bolzano, Italy 2021

  • NRZ promotional award, Comedy Arts Festival 2020, Moers/ Germany 

  • 1st audience award, Gauklerfest 2019, Lenzburg/ Switzerland  

  • award for excellence, international Children’s Festival 2017, Haifa/Israel 

F U N D I N G S 

  • NEUSTART KULTUR #TakeAction Performance/Dance for the solo performance "When delicacy enfolds strength"

  • Scholarship by GVL in NEUSTART KULTUR for 2021/2022, a research on motherhood-a taboo subject of the free art scene 

  • inback Company: NEUSTART KULTUR #TakeAction for young audience: inback’s movie production of the mini-series “Hinterhofgeschichten” was funded by the german state through Fonds Daku in 2021.

  • inback Company: ​GVL research scholarship NEUSTART KULTUR, researching feminist movements

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