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Future film, 2023


1923: Dora Diamant and Franz Kafka meet by chance on the Baltic Sea beach. He is a man of the world, she from the deep East, he can write, she can dance. 

Director: Georg Maas

Cast: Henriette Confurius, Sabin Tambrea

HAU1, 2023

Choreography collaboration, movement coaching:

The new stage work by theatre director and filmmaker Adrian Figueroa tells of dreams, fears and questions about the future. With concentrated power and volume and with a choreography by Kadir "Amigo" Memiş, founding member of the break dance group Flying Steps, whirls across the stage.

Bildschirmfoto 2023-11-13 um 16.32.36.jpeg


Choreography, direction & dance:

In her non-ordinary power circle together with 12 fans, magician dancer Mareike Jung explores dynamics and effects of power in the eye of the storm and invites the audience to transform through empowered, embodied poetry and the power of delicacy. 

A circle formed by 12 fans creates an interplay through the magic that arises when a large white cloth dances selflessly through the resulting cone of air high in the air, opening up a wide range of associative spaces.

(HAU 2, 2022)

Direction and choreography assistance:

The Berlin-based choreographer and dancer Ricardo de Paula and the com- pany Grupo Oito follow the traces of this violence, search for dance paths through the social labyrinth. 

Photo: Tito Casal

Performative installation

Performance and choreography


A circle formed by 12 fans creates an interplay through the magic that arises when a large white cloth dances selflessly through the resulting cone of air high in the air, opening up a wide range of associative spaces.


Choreography collaboration & Research:

Through an autobiographical reappraisal of choreographer Caroline Alves' family history, the solo performance TRANSATLANTICA delves into the voids between Brazil and Europe, between past and present. It is one among many family histories that are marked by settler colonialism in Brazil.

2019 edition of
Dresdener Musikfestspiele

Choreographie und Darstellung:

Mareike wurden von den Dresdener Musikfestspielen 2018 und 2019 für die Performance-Residenz "Bohème 2020“ eingeladen.


2019 warfen die vier ausgewählten Künsterlinnen unter dem Motto "VISIONEN" spannende weibliche Perspektiven  auf den Bauhaus Schwerpunkt.

Die neun unterschiedlich konzipierten Performances wurden in fünf  Spielstätten der Dresdener Musikfestspiele aufgeführt.


2018 edition of
Dresdener Musikfestspiele

Staatsoperette Dresden

Babylon Berlin
Scene recreation (2020)

Concept development, choreography for six dancers and the main character of the singer "Severija Janušauskait" for the event finale of the Signia company with the motto "the golden 20s" at the Postbahnhof Berlin. In cooperation with KUK live and boom yeah.

inback Production, 2021

Choreography, direction & performance:

From a narrator’s view “Hinterhofgeschichten” tells about a typical situation in a big city’s anonymous building and about the way it could develop into one possible reality.

Who is speaking (2018)

Dance and Choreography:

Mareike Jung Presented her solo work in Zichri Theater, Kibbutz Gaaton, Israel December 2018

I am alone. Alone among so many. Close your eyes and imagine a life together based on empathy and understanding for each other. What

would be a possible form of collective togetherness,

that gives and takes in equal measure?

"SPEIGEL" 2018 edition of
Dresdener Musikfestspiele

In 2018, the "Bohème 2020" was formed again. This time, four young, creative artists were invited to spend four weeks in Dresden - spanning the festival - to create actions and performances around the festival, inspired by the concert content and venues.

Björn Atle Anfinsen - trumpet player

Caroline Alves - dancer

Mareike Jung - mimin, movement actress, dancer and magician

Nicolas Streit - actor

Photo: Ole Milster 

Show acts and commercials for Thyssenkrupp/ Rasselstein, SIGNIA
and more

Choreography and performance:

for trade fair shows, thematic videos for customers symposiums and stage shows for business events. In cooperation with KUK live and FALKFILM.


Choreography, direction & performance:

In all of us there was the child first. The intuitive one, the headless one, the carefree one. Then we grow up and the child in us is suppressed. The carefree headless being becomes a headless functioning. The intuition turns into the mind, which tells us what to do and what not to do.

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